NeuroBodyGym helps your body and mind become the healthiest and strongest it can be

An easy to use training device, which uses your individual brain and body connection to train and unleash your mental and physical potential. It’s so gentle, you can even fall asleep while training.

Headphones for frequency stimulation

Visual stimulation monitor

Mask for O2 stimulation

User interface

Dynamic IHHT / O2 device


Neuro frequency stimulator

Comfortable Bench

16 Channel headset addon including EEG, High definition Temperature and Movement detection

How does NeuroBodyTech understand and speak my individual "NeuroBody Language"?

1. Measuring neuro and body signals

In an initial standardized procedure at our headquarters your brain and body are stimulated with specific audios, neuro frequencies, interval hypoxie hyperocy (O2) and visual signals. Up to 100k bio-signals per second are measured and terabytes of data are collected.

2. Analyzing data

We then decipher patterns of how your body controls i.e. skin temperature, heart rate, breathing rhythm as well as how specific mental states are attained i.e. deep sleep, relaxation, learning and concentration states.

3. Building frequency patterns

Now, that we understand your NeuroBody Language we trigger mental and physical actions, which are verified by measuring the neuronal and biological reactions, as they are always linked to each other. The ability to access specific states and processes is the base for all future trainings.

NeuroBody Language

Every body controls and communicates in different frequencies and patterns. During data gathering we learn your “NeuroBody Machine Interface Language” or short “NeuroBody Language”. So far we have detected the NeuroBody Language for over 3000 people and we have discovered that each and every body has its very own, unique language.

What do I train and how?

1. Analyze the starting point

You are provided with a detailed report on your current condition, including over 20 KPIs i.e. perceptual ability, processing capacity, emotional experience, sleep quality, physical / mental performance, stress resistance and regeneration.

2. Measure your potential

All KPIs are both measured in your current state as well as in a “fully supported mode” where NeuroBodyGym helps you to perform at your very best. This way you can see both your neuronal and body’s current condition as well as your full potential.

3. Train towards your goals

Before we enhance your strengths and support you in reaching your individual training goals, we start by bringing all lower KPIs to a fairly high level. As better perceptual ability makes no sense without higher processing capacity and good REM sleep for instance. Training is comparable to that in a regular gym - you start training with high support (low own effort) and improve your condition by slowly enhancing your effort over time.

Training Sessions

Training sessions usually start with 3-4x 45 minute sessions per week during phase 1 and phase 2 (core and improvement phase) and decrease to 2-3x 20 minute sessions during phase 3 and 4 (consolidation and conservation phase). The invested net time is usually regained after 2-3 months, due to better and faster sleep and quicker regeneration.

Constantly adjusted and individual training programs with realtime data

Track and monitor your success with simple KPIs

• Be back earlier to your training routine after a game
• Remain strong, efficient and healthy in superior and old age
• Reduce the risk of injuries
• Overall continuous better performance
• Maximize your success probability

• Tackle challenges and perform better without harming yourself during stressful phases
• Better sleep / no jetlag
• Make good decisions
• Less days of sick leave
• Minimize the risk of failure
• Maximize your success probability

• Live life to the fullest
• Enhance life quality and prolong life expectancy
• Prevent age related diseases
• Prevent inflammatory processes
• Better sensing and perception
• Build up muscle, strength and health in old age instead of degenerating

Your loved ones can use your device as well for some basic training i.e. immune system stimulation, help with headaches or general relaxation programs.

Individual needs

The origins of the NeuroBodyTech can be traced 15 years back to Formula 1 and it is now tried and trusted by some of the best professional athletes in the world (mainly German soccer players), managers of stock companies (i.e. DAX) and fast growing startups.

Train with NeuroBodyGym to measurably improve your biological age

Average biological age reversion for clients who regularly use NeuroBodyGym: 10+ years within 3 months, measured by an external institute through a 24h HRV screening

Our success stories

Core 3000 programm

Although our long term vision is to make NeuroBodyTech available and accessible for all people as a mass product, our current goal is to help the top 3.000 “best and most important people” of various areas to attain higher stress resistance, an enhanced level of energy and best decision making capabilities in order to have a positive impact on as many people as possible.

Updates and Achievements


The first time, a gen lab saw markers in individuals get better, instead of worse.


Our NeuroBodyGym made it possible to apply our methodology outside our institute, for the very first time.

Project Stats


NeuroBodyGym-Trainings since 01/01/2018

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